Car Tinting

Car Tinting


Tintsafe provides a full range of vehicle window tinting options. Drivers need as much protection from heat and glare as they can get, and our window tints will do the job fast and effectively.

You’re not as safe on the road as you think

Strong sunlight and high vehicle temperatures can create serious problems for drivers. If you’re a regular commuter or professional driver, these issues are daily liabilities.

Heat can be deadly!

Heat can be a much worse problem than drivers realise. When light strikes the windscreen and windows, heat is transferred directly into the vehicle very rapidly. That can cause serious dehydration and drastically increase driver fatigue.

Tintsafe window tinting can reduce heat by up to 78% by blocking heat transfer. That’s good protection in any environment, and gives you some backup if your air conditioning goes down.

Glare is always dangerous, even at night

Glare can blind drivers and make them unaware of traffic situations around them. At night, oncoming traffic using high beams can dazzle, creating blind spots. These spots can linger, and make driving truly difficult and dangerous.

Tintsafe window tints provide great protection against glare and provide good visibility even in tough driving conditions.

Stopping the problems before they start

On the road, the combination of heat and glare can cause serious headaches, driver fatigue and eyestrain and even cause major health problems like critical levels of skin damage and melanomas. If you’re a regular driver, these problems can accumulate over time, and result in a range of health issues.

Prevention is definitely the first, best option for protecting your health, and that’s exactly what Tintsafe window tinting provides. The window tints actively block UV light, block dazzle and greatly reduce heat levels within the vehicle.

Protecting your family and equipment with window tinting

Pets and people left in vehicles can be at serious risk in hot weather. Heat and glare can do major damage to temperature-sensitive electronics. Even the best upholstery can be ruined by direct sunlight.

Tintsafe window tints are an easy answer to these costly problems. One window tint application will put an end to the risks of a car left out in the sun on a hot day.

Permanent solutions with window tinting

The good news is that Tintsafe window tinting can solve all of these issues, quickly and permanently:

  • Block glare and improve visibility

    Window tinting reduces glare drastically, blocking out dangerous UV and high frequency light, without reducing visibility. Window tinting improves visibility and clarity by removing the dazzle from the sun and reflections from traffic.

  • Keep out the heat

    Tinted windows can cut heat transfer by up to 78 per cent, reducing the strain on air conditioning, preventing the effects of heat stress and fatigue, and improving driver comfort dramatically.

  • Protect your health

    Why suffer? You can have great comfort and avoid all the on-road health issues easily with window tinting.

  • Protect interiors and equipment

    With the heat and glare protection comes increased safety for your valuable equipment and systems.

  • Be cool, look cool with the hottest tints

    Window tints come in a huge range of styles. You can have the coolest look and the coolest car on the road.

Tintsafe only uses the best quality international standard window tints for vehicles. We’ve got the best and the latest.

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